Are you secretly committed to failing in business?


Ask an entrepreneur what they want in business, and it is likely they’ll say to be successful, to make profits, to improve people’s lives etc. However, whatever they say they want and are committed to, the reality is that it is only their results that show where their true commitment lies – and it’s not always where they say it is.


Some entrepreneurs claim that they are committed to profits but the evidence of their results shows that they are actually committed to losses. These kind of entrepreneurs treat their results as their goals and forget the most important part – their performance. They have a secret commitment to something other than profitability.


Is hard work the key to success?

Some business owners are committed to working very hard for little return, because that is what they are actually doing. They have a deeply held belief that only hard work leads to success. Without having defined the right strategy for profitability they focus only on working hard on whatever is visible in front of them. Whether they have the right competence for the task is immaterial to them, they are meeting their need to work hard. They probably have a subconscious belief that this is the only way to run a business. As a result their precious energy is wasted on irrelevancies. Then they console themselves about their poor returns by blaming their luck, or Government policies or even their own team. Their family doesn’t understand why there isn’t enough money to spend when the business owner seems to be working so very hard.


Where is your focus?

Some business owners say they want to expand their business and profits, but their results show that their unspoken true focus is on developing a large following on social media so that they can be known as an expert in their field. They seem to be unaware that all the praise from their social media groups will never pay their bills.


Another example of the business owner being committed to not being profitable is when they persist in marketing the product or service they feel they need to deliver when the evidence of the results shows that the market’s not that interested in it.


Business simply means profits

Profitable business is also about customer service, about passion for your product, and not just about the money. However some business owners delude themselves that they’re focused on profit when their true commitment is to delivering their service or improving their clients’ lives, and then complain that they can’t make a sustainable living doing what they love.


True business growth starts the moment the entrepreneur fully understands that business and making profits are synonymous and they make a conscious commitment to profitability.


Look at your results in business and you’ll see where your true commitment lies. Is that working for you?


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