How to get the best out of working with a mentor


Should you become ill and have to be seen by a hospital consultant, they’ll prescribe a course of treatment to cure your problem. Generally people follow what the consultant says because they know that they don’t have the same knowledge and experience that he or she does. They accept that the consultant is an expert in the medical field.


The same applies if you consult a lawyer. It’s usual to follow what he or she advises, because they are an expert in the legal field and you’re not.


So it’s fair to suggest that anyone working with a mentor would follow what he or she advises, because they’re an expert in their field and you’re not.


Our experience is that those clients who take on board what the mentor suggests as the solution for increasing their profits and then implements it fully go on to achieve success.


The role of the mentor


The role of the mentor is not to prescribe solutions to be implemented. The role is to discuss the client’s goals and problems as per their specific and relevant background and from that basis to make relevant suggestions. These suggestions are discussed with the client as per his situation. The information shared by the mentor and that shared by the client is organised and fine tuned by the mentor so that together they arrive at the strategy that is to be implemented. This decision once implemented with total commitment will surely lead to success.


Do people who know everything need a mentor?


It seems that some clients have a false feeling that they already know everything about their field. It is true that they do know everything on a scale from zero to twenty but it is unlikely they have the conceptual depth from twenty to one hundred that their mentor has. Those that judge the mentor’s suggestions by their own knowledge and experience, and then alter what they implement to what they think best, do achieve some success. However this success is nowhere near as much as would have been achieved had they trusted in their mentor’s expertise.


The best method for gaining the maximum


If you have a mentor, the best method for gaining the maximum out of the experience is to implement what you have both agreed is the best policy to achieve your stated targets. If after your mentoring session you discover that you have further or different ideas, it’s wise to discuss these with your mentor rather than rushing forward to implement them. The plan that you should implement is the one jointly decided upon by you and your mentor. In this way you gain the benefit of your own inspiration and information plus it is tempered by the wisdom of your mentor who is an expert in his or her field. Your mentor will always welcome your idea and will help you arrive at a practical step by step strategic plan leading to your continuous ongoing success.


Your mentor is perhaps the only person aside from your loved ones who is happy for your success and will celebrate it along with you.


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