How mentoring works?



Multiplying profits needs a strategic rather than an opportunistic approach

Format of our mentoring:

Mentoring with Dr Rakesh Chopra is conducted in person or by FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp or even by phone so that no matter where you are in the world, even if you’re travelling, you can still have your mentoring session at a time convenient to you.

A mentoring session is approximately 30 minutes long, which keeps the session focused and easy to fit into your schedule.

Sessions can either be a one off standalone strategy call, or if you opt to work with us as your mentor for longer, you can choose from our monthly options. These include either two or four 30 minute sessions during the month, plus unlimited email support.

Having your mentoring session every two weeks gives you the time to implement the strategies discussed in the session, and is easier to schedule into a busy diary. However if you really want to accelerate your profit growth, and are committed to its implementation, weekly sessions will propel you forward.

The unlimited email (or WhatsApp) support can be used when you feel in need of some quick guidance between your mentoring sessions, and gives you the confidence that your mentor is always available to you. Some of our clients find that gathering their thoughts to write to us provides them with the objective clarity they were seeking and the mentor’s reply confirms their own decisions.

Who is the mentoring with?

Personal mentoring can be with Dr Rakesh Chopra. Profit and personal mentoring frequently overlap for many of our clients. The personal mentoring remains confidential between you and whichever of the mentors you choose to work with.

Your professional investment

  • Stress Eradication Mentoring Session: 30 minutes.
    INR 10,000 (UK £130 – USA $ 170 )

  • Profit Strategy Mentoring Session: 30 minutes.
    INR 10,000 (UK £130 – USA $ 170 )

  • Ongoing Profit Strategy Mentoring Sessions: 3 months package – one session of 30 minutes twice a month – plus unlimited email support for 3 months.
    INR 60,000 ( USA $847 – UK £685)

  • Premium Profit Strategy Mentoring Session: half a day session – plus unlimited email support for a month.
    INR 50,000 (USA $670 – UK £ 575)

  • Premium Plus Profit Strategy Mentoring Sessions: 3 months package – half a day session followed by one session after every 15 days – plus unlimited email support for 3 months.
    INR 1,00,000  (USA $ 1415 – UK £ 1150)

  • Marvel Board Room Profit Strategy Mentoring Session (one day – plus unlimited email support for one month)
    INR 2,00,000 (USA $3000 – UK £ 2500)

    Please note that all fees are payable in advance of your session(s) by Paypal or bank transfer

What next?

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur who wants a mentor to champion you in growing your business, multiplying your business profits and expanding your potential?

If so, then take the next step and tell us about your situation. Your next step.

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