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Our clients tell us that having a Profit Mentor is not only invaluable to them in accelerating the expansion of their business and the multiplication of their profits through having a clear cut strategy, but in other ways also:

  • “Gives me a sounding board to check ideas out with.”
  • “Brings out the best in me. Always believes in my capabilities and potential even when I’m doubting myself.”
  • “Gives me a sense of accountability that keeps me focused on the important aspects of my business.”
  • “Ensures I stop avoiding the issues in my business I don’t want to face that will turn around and bite me if I don’t.”
  • “I tend to be too close to the ground, too lost in the detail. As my mentor, you keep me focused on the bigger picture as well.”
  • “I churn out hundreds of business ideas, but without a mentor I was struggling to know what to implement first, and getting nowhere.”
  • “Having a mentor like you who easily thinks outside of the box has helped my business enormously with ideas I’d never have come up with.”
  • “You have a rare ability to understand people’s hidden motivations, which has been so useful for me in conducting business negotiations.”

As a business owner, your responsibility is to maintain or grow your business’s revenues and profits. You are probably focused on achieving an organic level of growth through the steady expansion of your existing business. You may also be focused on inorganic growth through mergers and acquisitions. But are you one of the exceptional business owners who deliberately focus on the concept of achieving exponential growth?

What would it mean for you and your business if you could multiply your profits?

In our experience as Profit Mentors, those business owners who are willing to shift their energy and focus onto multiplying their current profits achieve extraordinary results. The instant you start organising and strengthening your current business in line with the vision of your exponentially expanded business, you’re on the fast track to another zero on your profit figure.

How to multiply your profits?

The business strategy that will make you a $50,000 profit is not the same as the one that will make you $500,000, just as the one that makes $100,000 won’t make $1 million. Your current profits represent your current worth. If you want to add a zero to your profits, you’ll need to upgrade both your strategies and the performance of you and your team.

Implementing a strategy of exponential growth in your business, has two broad steps:

  1. Achieving your current targets in less time and with less effort.
  2. Taking off into exponential growth.

1. Achieving your current targets with less time and effort

The first step to multiplying your business profits is to focus on achieving your current business targets with the investment of less time and less effort.

Achieving this involves the combination of a range of factors. For the larger business it ranges from developing the worth of your people, products or services to maximising performance through the eradication of stress and the alignment of the core team with the corporate goals. For the smaller business, you may well be the team!

The focus on understanding, organising and developing your current systems and people provides not only accelerated short-term target achievement but also produces the cultural environment in which the second step of exponential growth can flourish.

2. Taking off into exponential growth

There is a well-known story of the man who invented chess. This pleased the local ruler so much that he offered the inventor a great reward in gold. The inventor suggested an alternative: he would get one grain of wheat on the first square of the chess board, two grains on the second, four on the third, eight on the fourth, etc., doubling the number of grains each time. The ruler thought that this was a much better deal for him, and accepted. The board had 64 squares, and so by the 36th day there were 34 billion grains of wheat on it, more than there was in the kingdom. The ruler could not give the inventor the chessboard’s full worth of grains, as the total number required was 18,446,744,073,709,551,615.2.

It’s how you place the first grain of wheat that counts

Let us say that in a different way: It is how you earn the first pound, dollar, rupee, or euro that is vital for the achievement of exponential rather than organic growth. You need to define your current systems first.

The second broad step to ‘Multiply your Profits’ is the development and implementation of the replicable strategies and systems that are your organisation’s ‘grain of wheat’ for exponential growth, the basis of your expansion plan. These replicable strategies and systems will not be just an expansion of the current business, as that has natural limitations to its growth, although it may act as a role model for the innovative strategies that will give you the stress free success of exponential growth.

As your Profit Mentors, we guide you through the step-by-step process for designing and implementing a strategy for multiplying the profits in your business and dealing with any obstacles to its growth.

You will gain:

  • An expanded vision of the future of your business and your role within it, with a road map for getting there.
  • Insight into how to achieve your current financial targets in less time and with less effort.
  • Clarity that lack of resources need never prevent success.
  • Insight into potential obstacles to an exponential growth strategy and how to remove them.
  • Understanding why your current strategy will not give you exponential growth, and what to do instead.
  • Insight that your best people might be hindering your organisational growth, and what to do to reverse that.

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People who work with us

As Profit Mentors, we enjoy the focused responsibility of working with busy talented people who share our ambition to be the best. These genuine business leaders are prepared to expand their vision. They accept that their current received wisdom may have led them to a certain point but not any further.

These are the three types of people who value our approach

  • People who are truly the best of the best in their field and value the expertise of others. For example a medical expert like a heart specialist will value the skills of a neurosurgeon. They also know they cannot achieve greatness on their own and need an expert team around them with complimentary skills.
  • The ambitious and successful entrepreneur who knows what she wants but has yet to figure out how to achieve it. They have desire in abundance and a quick, absorbent and agile mind.
  • The business leaders in large corporate businesses who understand the value of external support and actively seek it to help them think bigger, differently and better.

The people who often most need our help are those who resist it the most.

These are the business owners who have worked exceptionally hard and have done and continue to do everything. They may well not be able to see the ‘wood for the trees’. They feel they are the best person at what they do and have earned the right to say so. The people around them can see what needs to be done but they themselves live in a permanent state of denial and cannot see it for themselves. Sadly their mind may be closed to fresh thinking and alternative approaches and they are unlikely to achieve exponential growth.

You will want to work with us if:

  • You want to achieve your current goals in less time with less effort.
  • You wish to multiply your profits and achieve exponential growth.
  • You are frustrated by the energy lost in unproductive activity within you and or your core team.
  • You want to achieve exceptional results yet still have a life outside of work.

Do you want a Profit Mentor to champion you in growing your business, multiplying your profits and expanding your potential?

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