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Dr Rakesh Chopra
Mentoring Ambitious Leaders


Dr Rakesh Chopra is a Profit Mentor and a Visionary Strategist who brings a unique mix of experience in the fields of medicine, business management and spirituality to his work as a Profit and Corporate Mentor. Primarily he is a Stress Eradication Professional – he feels why build up stress first and then manage it when it can be eradicated in the first place itself. This gives him an in-depth understanding of human nature (including relationship compatibility) combined with the ability to visualise innovative strategies that can be applied in your business to accelerate its growth and multiply its profits.

He has been delivering mentoring and workshops for over 40 years, both in person in India and online to global clients. Numerous entrepreneurs and companies have substantially increased their turnover and multiplied business profits through his understanding of the principles of exponential growth and his ability to handle difficult people successfully. He can draw on this wide experience to mentor you to expanded success through multiplying your profits and dealing with any obstacles to your business and personal growth.

He has also guided over 1 million people in how to achieve Effortless Success through living the principles of Samarpan Yog. This is a straightforward approach to accepting life as it is that can smooth your path to business growth by reducing and gradually eliminating any feelings of stress and struggle.

His clients include corporations, government departments and educational establishments, SMEs, individual business professionals and entrepreneurs. Dr. Chopra is author of “The Stress Cyclone: Suffer or Emerge Out”. He has made numerous TV and radio appearances and has been a speaker at various national and international events.

CA Harbinder Anand
Director, Institute of Corporate Management

CA Harbinder Anand is a chartered Accountant by profession & a renowned tax expert in the Industry. He has been associated with many renowned corporate & has been advising them on various taxation & professional matters. Coming from a strong financial background, he also has the passion of helping ambitious entrepreneurs who want to multiply their business profits, so that they are free from the struggles and stress on achieving success. He has a vast experience in the field of Service Tax and now GST. He remained a part of the Indirect Taxes Committee of ICAI.

He was the President of the group named “Youth CAs” working for the benefit of CA community and has been associated with other NGOs working for the welfare of society. His unique style of presenting information made him a distinguished author of his field. He has been an invitee for various seminars conducted by ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants For India) for its students & fellow members. He also has partnered with Skill Dynamiks for training and implementing GST in Corporate(s)

As the director of “ICM” he has worked with reputed clients from distinct fields with diverged issues along with the dynamic solutions and reached the desired results. His services have been extended to SMEs and successful startups currently working in the fields of Education, HR Management, Health care, Food & Catering, Information Technology, Financial Consultants and many more.

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