Case Studies


Some of our case studies:

Below are some of our case studies involving a range of different clients, from one-man businesses to global organisations. Some of the case studies focus on the profit increases the client achieved, and others focus on particular situations that were resolved as part of dealing with obstacles to the client’s business growth.

1600% increase in turnover in 3 years

The client was a CEO of a retail business with a turnover of £620 million. The CEO wished to achieve a 60% increase to £990 million. We suggested a larger target of a tenfold increase to £6,200 million and offered him an innovative strategy for achieving this. This was implemented fully and resulted in a turnover increase of 1600% to £9,920 million in three years.

From zero working capital to market leader in 2 months

An entrepreneur wished to launch a new city based business publication from scratch with zero working capital. It took a month to select and develop the team of eight and a second month to secure advance payment of 90% of the advertising revenue that funded the launch. Within two days of publication it was five times over-subscribed. Subsequently ten rival publications attempted to replicate this success and all failed.

From one hut, a bucket and a cow to dairy industry leader in one year

Our client managed one small retail outlet of his family’s milk and dairy business. He found the role of shopkeeper demoralising, as it involved long working hours with little possibility for generating much income for himself. He was ambitious to establish his own business with the potential for substantial growth, but frustrated with his situation as he had no capital to invest and no idea what shape such a business would take. He couldn’t see any way out of remaining a shopkeeper lifelong, even though he had a strong desire to create a wealth generating expandable business.

Through a series of mentoring sessions with Dr Chopra a visionary strategy was designed and successfully implemented that enabled him to multiply his turnover within five years by 500 times and his profits by 200 times.

The mentoring sessions continued with Dr Chopra, with the result that over the five years from 2007 to end 2012 our client’s turnover grew by 41,666% and his growth in profits was 2,000%.

Business improvement program led to 64% profit increase

A global service company had focused on client acquisition and was a major player in their sector. Their turnover/profit ratio was far lower than their competitors, with a high level of client churn and reduced fee collections due to poor quality service. A new MD was brought in to resolve the situation but became frustrated that his senior team were disengaged and hesitant to own responsibility, as the previous MD had run a “command & control” structure. We worked with the team to become compatible and enthusiastic to design and take responsibility and ownership of a one-year total business improvement program that led to 21% turnover increase and 64% profit increase.

Doubling turnover within a year

A leading provider of Talent Management Solutions had worked for 10 years to expand and build up the business turnover to £750,000 per year. After working with Dr Chopra, the company’s revenues and profits doubled within a year. The whole team is now working to achieve a target of 12 times that figure in 3 years.

From bottom of the heap to 5 times better in 1 year

A multinational insurance organisation began operations in India. Our client, one of the regional managers, was finding it difficult to win large new contracts despite hiring a large sales team. Our mentoring focused on the art of multiplication and within one year he surpassed every other region in the country. His results were 5 times higher than any other region.

A heart attack became the trigger for change and profits doubled

A dynamic Managing Director of a large company was exhausted and sadly suffered from a mild heart attack. He invited us to mentor him and his senior team. Research revealed that he was in the habit of taking all decisions himself. He had an experienced team of Directors, President and Vice Presidents but he provided instructions and not responsibilities. We helped him learn the art of delegation and his team learned to accept and own individual responsibility for goal achievement. Within one year profits had doubled.

A single strategy session saved £20,000 and a career

A young professional was enthusiastic to leave his job and career to launch a restaurant business with a group of friends and had saved £20,000 for the purpose. He had no knowledge or experience of the industry, and nor did his friends. After discussing the project with Dr Chopra, he realised that it was not the right business for him to move into, and is now reassessing his dreams.

Turning around loss making deals to deliver bottom line results

One of the fastest growing auto component companies in India had 26 independent units across the country. The 26 CEOs reported to the Group CEO. Although everyone was working hard and revenue was increasing there was a dramatic collapse in profits due to loss making deals. We worked with the CEOs and the Group CEO focusing on creating a cohesive core team Compatibility and planning a uniform pricing policy across the country. The business strategy was redefined leading to an increase in profits of around 20% within just six months.

Fusing Japanese and Indian corporations

We conducted a leadership programme for a Japanese multi-national company. The Managing Director was a participant. This led to an engagement for 2 years to build cultural compatibility between both Japanese and Indian employees and the operational compatibility between the Indian and the Japanese corporations. The MD had confidence in us to lead his organisation towards a stress free base leading to enhanced profits + peace + happiness.

Exercising her way to peace of mind

A fitness studio owner asked for mentoring on expanding her business. She had already considered many different strategies and was confused on how to proceed. By the end of her strategy session with Dr Chopra, she realised that she was perfectly happy with the business exactly as it was, and felt relieved at being able to let go of the expectation of expansion. With his deep understanding of her true motivations, she was able to gain total peace of mind.

Scientists become more human and humane!

For more than 10 years we closely mentored through individual and group sessions the senior scientists of a national institute devoted to research and development in a sector of the petroleum industry. The focus remained on compatibility within the whole group and helping them learn leadership and marketing skills. This helped the senior scientists recognise the importance of human interaction and how to build outstanding relationships.

A sensitive succession plan promotes young and dynamic people from within

A public sector nationalised bank had a problem, almost everybody in the middle management and above were above 55 years of age. The Chairman and Managing Director were worried that within 3 years there would be a senior management vacuum (58 was the retiring age). We worked closely with regional managers to develop their successors from within. For 20 years there had been little movement within the business and particular sensitivity was placed on how people responded to being promoted or overlooked.

Unions leaders primed to go on the attack have their aggression lifted

A state owned Power Corporation responsible for power generation and distribution had ‘union problems’. The management organised a training program designed by Anglo India Corporate Mentors Ltd for all the union leaders. Sadly the participants initially felt that we had been hired ‘to set them right’. Naturally they were quite defensive and primed to go on the offensive as the program began. At the conclusion they had apologised and were 100% focused on their own development. Subsequently the union worked hand in glove with the management and the corporation was set on living stress free success.

Case studies – handling difficult people

The need to handle difficult people successfully in order to accelerate the implementation of your desired strategies arises in countless situations. In fact any situation that involves an interaction between you and at least one other person leads to either you making progress towards your objectives or in being delayed. Each obstruction or objection devours time and slows you down. Our expertise is in providing you with tools and tactics to handle any difficult people you encounter, no matter what the circumstances.

Here are some brief case studies of difficult situations that were handled successfully using our techniques …

Client: CMD of a large public sector organisation.
Problem: He had been promoted to the position two months earlier, having previously been one of five directors of the same organisation. His previous colleagues were now his subordinates, and three of them had also applied for the CMD position but failed to win it. Two of these directors were resentful of the CMD’s promotion, and were reluctant to accept his authority or to support his vision for a change of direction for the organisation. Board meetings were lengthy and argumentative, with frequent adjournment of decisions and an atmosphere of stalemate. The CMD was frustrated at his inability to handle these difficult directors successfully in order to implement the very strategy that he had been promoted to deliver.
Our Service: One off mentoring session with our Profit Mentor.
Result: The CMD used a tactic, specific to each of the directors, that brought them on board with his vision, shifting their attitude from one of conflict to compatibility. As a result his strategies were implemented successfully, doubling profitability within a year.

Client: Senior Executive in a mid-size company.
Problem: Her department was responsible for organising regular nationwide events, and needed to source high quality venues within an agreed budget. Her team members were finding it increasingly difficult to negotiate deals with venues that maintained the required quality standard and met the budget. They were spending more and more time in unsuccessful negotiations, with a diminishing pool of suitable venues. It was looking more and more likely that she would need to approach her Director for an increase in the budget, which she was loathe to do.
Our Service: Regular monthly mentoring sessions with our Profit Mentor.
Result: She approached the Sales Director of a national chain of venues who had previously refused to offer any discounts and whose prices were thus outside of her budget. Using the tactic suggested by our Profit Mentor, she was able to negotiate a 35% discount without any reduction in the quality or quantity of service provided at the venues.

Client: MD of a limited company.
Problem: He was appointing a sales representative in a new region on a salary plus commission basis, and asked our Corporate Mentor to be present with him at the interviews which took place over one day. The most suitable candidate with an exceptional track record in sales was demanding a very high basic salary, fifty times the company’s budget. Although the MD was confident the candidate had the expertise to swiftly establish their brand in the new region, he could not justify the salary, and was reluctantly prepared to select a lesser candidate.
Our Service: Ad hoc consultancy by our Profit Mentor.
Result: Our Profit Mentor joined in the discussions with the candidate who after half an hour agreed to accept the position at the company’s salary terms. He worked with the company for five years, consistently delivering sales far beyond the MD’s budgeted expectations.

Client: MD of a US company operating in India.
Problem: Tensions had developed between the MD in the USA and his team who were in India due to cultural differences, particularly in attitudes to working hours and giving time off to attend the frequent festivals that are part of Indian life. This came to a crisis point during the Indian wedding season, which is in November each year, where both sides were prepared to end their association and close down the company.
Our Service: Ad hoc consultancy by our Profit Mentor to resolve the crisis situation, followed by regular mentoring sessions with the MD and with each of his team members to reduce cross-cultural conflicts and to maintain compatibility.
Result: Both the MD and his team members gained a better understanding of the others’ needs and expectations and were able to run their business successfully.

Client: Senior Executive of a large public sector organisation.
Problem: His organisation is involved in large scale infrastructure projects in remote areas, which are often not welcomed by the local population through fear of change and of unforeseen disasters. Part of his role was to liaise with groups of locals so that they would not obstruct the projects. This role often ended in heated discussions and conflict as the locals were unable to accept the logic of his well-formed arguments. He was frustrated with his inability to get them to understand the benefits the projects would bring them and to prevent their delaying tactics.
Our Service: One day workshop on ‘Handling Difficult People: From Conflict to Compatibility’
Result: After attending the workshop and applying the techniques learned with the next group of locals he met with, he was amazed at the difference in their responses. With repeated applications of the tactics, the locals became unobstructive and cooperative, thus accelerating the work on the project.

Client: Chairman of a UK plc.
Problem: His Finance Director suffered from perfectionism, which resulted in financial reporting being far more detailed than was required. Reports were thus taking far longer to prepare than necessary, preventing other ad hoc work from being handled when requested, irrespective of its importance. She worked under a high level of self-induced stress and this impacted on her team members, who found it very difficult to communicate with her and were demoralised by her irritability. Although the issues had been pointed out to her previously, she did not accept that she had a problem and thus her behaviour had not changed.
Our Service: One off mentoring session with our Profit Mentor.
Result: The Chairman approached the Finance Director in the manner proposed by our Profit Mentor. For the first time she was able to see herself as others saw her, and with the support of the Chairman was able to gradually modify her approach.

Client: MD of a mid-size company.
Problem: Two of his senior executives had serious incompatibility problems, resulting in much time being wasted on their public arguments and private political manoeuvring. Individually they brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the company so the MD was reluctant to remove either of them, as was being suggested covertly by each of the men.
Our Service: Regular weekly mentoring sessions with our Profit Mentor.
Result: Using the tactics proposed by our Profit Mentor, the MD was able to defuse the situation between the two executives so that they became able to work compatibly on implementing his strategies.

Client: MD of a large company.
Problem: His business had to have regular dealings with a government department that was very bureaucratic in its methods, resulting in frequent delays in obtaining the necessary licences and permits without which the business could not operate. Many of the officials his team had to deal with had an arrogant and harassing approach. His team found this discouraging and further reduced their effectiveness in obtaining the required official paperwork in a timely manner.
Our Service: Ad hoc consultancy by our Profit Mentor on the best tactics for handling specific government officials and a one day workshop for the team on ‘Handling Difficult People: From Conflict to Compatibility’, followed up with monthly group mentoring sessions on specific problem situations.
Result: The team felt more confident in handling the arrogant officials they had to deal with and in defusing their arrogance. Their motivation to progress chase increased and the turnaround time of the official paperwork speeded up.

Client: Marketing Director of a large plc.
Problem: The company was launching a new product to a large group of investors and media representatives the next day. Then it was realised that due to the last minute publication of a research finding, the information being presented in the brochures for the new product was now technically inaccurate. The brochures would need reprinting in a matter of hours. On telephoning the printers, they were adamant they were unable to produce this order that day because of commitments to other orders that had been promised to other clients.
Our Service: Emergency telephone mentoring session with our Profit Mentor, as part of a retainer package of regular mentoring with the directors and senior executives of the company.
Result: The Marketing Director contacted the printers and, using the approach proposed by our Profit Mentor, the reprinted brochures were delivered just in time for the launch.

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