Dragon’s Den – How to present a winning pitch to Nick Jenkins

Nick Jenkins 1

Nick Jenkins is a British businessman known for founding the online greetings card retailer Moonpig.com, and for being a Dragon on the BBC business program Dragon’s Den.
Dr Chopra, the Profit Mentor, has turned his visionary spotlight on Nick Jenkins to understand his personality and to suggest how entrepreneurs can best approach him to gain his investment in their business and on making the most of that opportunity over the long term. Dr Chopra has over 40 years experience of visionary understanding of people’s personalities and of foreseeing their strategies for success.


Dr Chopra says of Nick Jenkins: “He has an eagle sharp mind and can easily identify any plus or minus point of a proposition in its minutest details. His mind can see the same depth on any relevant subject that he chooses to focus on; an analogy would be of examining a slide with an electronic microscope.

He does not believe in doing hard work himself but expects his people to work hard. His team members are both happy to be working for him and afraid of him at the same time. He is very humble, down to earth and a caring person who never believes in punishing his people but nonetheless they are scared of making any mistakes. Somehow he is miserly in praising people.


Question 1. As well as having a great product or service that will provide a healthy financial return to an investor, what else will persuade Nick Jenkins to partner with an entrepreneur?

Dr Chopra’s answer: “Because Nick is very sharp in pointing out even the extreme negative or positive of a proposition, so a thorough preparation about the conceptual presentation is a must. Any person who can instantly and correctly respond to any question Nick asks them has the maximum chance to win his heart. He knows that he knows, so never give him any wrong answer. If you don’t know the answer then admit it immediately as a wrong answer irritates him. Tell him that you are open to learn and that for you learning is an ongoing process. He welcomes those people who are honest.”

Question 2. Once the initial partnership deal has been struck, how does the entrepreneur need to deal with Nick Jenkins to make the most of the opportunity?

Dr Chopra’s answer: “The main personality focus for the entrepreneur must be to seek Nick’s wisdom input and never claim to be an expert in front of him. Give him a presentation which shows your clarity on the process and also clarity about the gaps. If he feels that you are on the right track but are missing some information then he will fill in the gaps quickly. A person having a visible learning attitude will gain the maximum from Nick’s presence in their business.”

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