Dragon’s Den – How to present a winning pitch to Peter Jones

Peter Jones 1

Peter Jones CBE is a millionaire British entrepreneur and businessman, best known for being the longest serving panellist on the BBC Dragon’s Den program, from 2005 to date. He is known in the USA for being a judge on American Inventor.

Dr Chopra, the Profit Mentor, has turned his visionary spotlight on Peter Jones to understand his personality and to suggest how entrepreneurs can best approach him to gain his investment in their business and on making the most of that opportunity over the long term. Dr Chopra has over 40 years experience of visionary understanding of people’s personalities and of foreseeing their strategies for success.




Dr Chopra says of Peter Jones: “He is a simple down to earth person with a sharp business acumen. His response to the most complex situation is instant and relevant to the subject. If an average manager needs one month to solve a complex business situation, he perhaps needs just one minute. His logic is so strong and clear that people have no reason to argue about anything with him. He believes in investing his initial time to discuss the nitty gritty of each and every project with the relevant team and then he is liberal in his approach and believes in giving a free hand to his team members to implement the agreed strategies.”




  1. As well as having a great product or service that will provide a healthy financial return to an investor, what else will persuade Peter Jones to partner with an entrepreneur?

    Dr Chopra’s answer: “Peter Jones’ prime focus is that the entrepreneur with whom he prefers to partner must have full conceptual depth on his business and its potential. He is not bothered about the details of the business for making his decision to invest because he is clear that if the person has clarity on the subject then the operational details can easily be worked out. He feels that it is his role to help the entrepreneur identify and define all the practical details to build up the project to the level of full implementation, thus leading to the desired results.”


  1. Once the initial partnership deal has been struck, how does the entrepreneur need to deal with Peter Jones to make the most of the opportunity?

    Dr Chopra’s answer: “People who talk only about their dreams irritate him. He is strictly against those people who are vague in their expressions. Any entrepreneur who wants to win his heart needs to be 100% clear in his conceptual understanding on his subject. He must be able to answer each and every question Peter Jones asks about the business concept. It must be clear in the mind of the entrepreneur that Peter is willing to invest his money, energy and time but is never willing just to spend or waste these. An honest request made to Peter to help the entrepreneur define and develop all the practical steps will help him achieve results much faster. If the entrepreneur finds himself unable to solve a particular business problem he need not waste time but ask Peter immediately for a solution and then get back to work fast.”



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