Dragon’s Den – How to present a winning pitch to Touker Suleyman


Touker Suleyman is a multi-millionaire Turkish Cypriot fashion retail entrepreneur and investor, and is one of the panel of Dragons on the BBC business program Dragon’s Den.

Dr Chopra, the Profit Mentor, has turned his visionary spotlight on Touker Suleyman to understand his personality and to suggest how entrepreneurs can best approach him to gain his investment in their business and on making the most of that opportunity over the long term. Dr Chopra has over 40 years experience of visionary understanding of people’s personalities and of foreseeing their strategies for success.


Dr Chopra says of Touker Suleyman: “He believes in the age old saying ‘Slow and steady wins the race’. Each and every step he takes is well calculated. Before doing anything he needs to gain full clarity on the subject with a well defined mind map. He is not impressed with those people who are aggressive or who want to use short cuts to success. He wants to play safe in life and avoids taking unnecessary risks. Preparation is his mantra for success; preparation which is backed by determination and knowledge.”

Question 1.

As well as having a great product or service that will provide a healthy financial return to an investor, what else will persuade Touker Suleyman to partner with an entrepreneur?

Dr Chopra’s answer:

”It is essential for Touker Suleyman that he knows the candidate’s complete background, from education to career. He wants to see personality trends in the entrepreneur’s life. A person who has been making stable steady growth has more chances of winning him over, while a person who has had fluctuating success can’t be his favourite.”

Question 2.

Once the initial partnership deal has been struck, how does the entrepreneur need to deal with Touker Suleyman to make the most of the opportunity?

Dr Chopra’s answer:

“It is very important for the person who has been selected to go through each and every detail of his product/service before presenting it to Touker. An elaborate step by step well defined strategy will motivate Touker to invest more of his productive time on the entrepreneur. Share with him the project details and don’t be in a hurry to get his feedback. He will only respond to you when he is fully clear about the operational details.”

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