5 Secrets to Multiply Profits

Dr Rakesh Chopra has a dream that every ambitious entrepreneur should feel free of handicaps, so he offers an interactive workshop on “5 Secrets to Multiply Profits” for any group of entrepreneurs followed by one free Profit Strategy Mentoring Session after the workshop to help the entrepreneur define his/her enhanced profit strategy.

 What would it mean for you and your business if you could multiply your profits through innovative growth strategies?

Many businesses focus on achieving steady organic growth. Only a few focus deliberately on the possibility of exponential growth. Yet in Dr Rakesh Chopra’s experience as a Profit Mentor to numerous companies over the last more than 30 years, those businesses who are willing to shift their focus and energy onto multiplying their profits achieve extraordinary results.

In this interactive workshop, Dr Chopra will be sharing with you the Foundation Secret followed by the five of the secrets that he has shared with his clients that have been key in multiplying their profits and last but not the least – the Takeoff Secret.

*As a special gift, Dr Chopra will be offering the opportunity to arrange a free individual Profit Strategy Mentoring session with him. It is a limited offer only for those who register their name immediately after the workshop.

What are the benefits of attending this workshop?

  1. Learn 5 secrets to multiply profits and how they could impact on your business.
  2. Learn from Dr Chopra’s wide experience of helping entrepreneurs and companies increase their turnover and multiply profits through his understanding of the principles of exponential growth, his ability to handle difficult people successfully and his skill at mentoring clients to expanded success through dealing with any obstacles to business and personal growth.
  3. Have the opportunity of arranging a free individual Profit Strategy Mentoring session with Dr Chopra.
  4. An opportunity to network with other ambitious entrepreneurs and to learn from their expertise.

Who is this workshop suitable for?

Ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners who, having achieved success, want to take their business to the next level.

What will you learn?

  1. The essential shift you’ll need to make in your role within your business if you want to multiply your profits
  2. Why your current profit strategy will fail if you want to multiply your profits, and what to do instead
  3. The mathematical concept that fuels multiplication of profits
  4. How a lack of finance for expansion can be overcome
  5. The difference between a strategy for incremental growth and one for exponential growth.

Learning methodology:

A range of learning methods are used to meet the needs of diverse learning styles and to maintain the interest. The sessions will be highly interactive comprised of facilitated group discussion, small group discussion, case studies and role play.


1. Focus to build up your brand
2. Your strategy to add a zero to your profits
3. Your focused investment when you don’t have money 4. Who is managing your business?
5. Your method to multiply profits
6. What is your strategy for high value growth?
7. Value addition to your clients

Duration: 4 hours

Your Investment

INR 10,000 (UK £130 – USA $ 170 ) per person (minimum15 participants)
All arrangements to be made by your organisation

Your Free Gift

You also have the privilege to avail the special offer of a free gift worth INR 10,000 (UK £130 – USA $ 170 ) of one Profit Strategy Mentoring Session of 30 minutes after the workshop with Dr Rakesh Chopra

For the corporate

Marvel Board Room Profit Strategy Interactive Session
This focused one day program is meant for Board members along with Top and Senior Management focused on the expansion plans of the organisation (upto 25 persons)

Forenoon session: 5 Secrets to Multiply Profits
Afternoon session: Focused to define Profit Strategy for your organisation
(This also includes unlimited email support for one month
Your Investment:
₹ 2,00,000 + GST (USA $3000 – UK £ 2500)
All logistics and arrangements are the responsibility of your organization including board and lodging plus to & fro travel (from New Delhi) for two members of the Profit Mentoring team.

Please note that all fees are payable in advance of your session(s) by Paypal or bank transfer


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