Dragon’s Den – How to present a winning pitch to Deborah Meaden

Deborah Meaden1

Deborah Meaden is an English businesswoman who ran a multi million pound family holiday business, before completing a management buyout, but is now best known for her appearances on the BBC business programme Dragons’ Den.

Dr Chopra, the Profit Mentor, has turned his visionary spotlight on Deborah Meaden to understand her personality and to suggest how entrepreneurs can best approach her to gain her investment in their business and on making the most of that opportunity over the long term. Dr Chopra has over 40 years experience of visionary understanding of people’s personalities and of foreseeing their strategies for success.


Dr Chopra says of Deborah Meaden: “She is a very sharp and a very focused person. She is a visionary leader and can easily feel the prognosis for a project within a few minutes. As she makes up her mind so fast, only strong logic presented with full respect by the entrepreneur pitching to her can convince her otherwise. She is intelligent but holds rigid perceptions with minimal flexibility in her approach. She becomes highly uncomfortable if somebody challenges her directly in public. If she decides to support someone then she showers all her love and resources on them and their project. She has a golden heart if everything goes as per her perception but becomes stonehearted when people do not accept her authority.

Question 1:

As well as having a great product or service that will provide a healthy financial return to an investor, what else will persuade Deborah Meaden to partner with an entrepreneur?

Dr Chopra’s answer:

“ She believes that the people with whom she works must be hard working so the entrepreneur’s efforts must be visible in his presentation to her. He must convince her that he wants to work directly under her leadership. Even giving her genuine praise about her perceptional wisdom can help her make a decision to support him. However one must remember that nobody can impress her with fake and vague perceptions.”

Question 2:

Once the initial partnership deal has been struck, how does the entrepreneur need to deal with Deborah Meaden to make the most of the opportunity?

Dr Chopra’s answer:

“ The entrepreneur must have the clear understanding that it is wisdom to share his ideas about the project with Deborah and not his decisions. Sharing ideas and seeking her expert opinion on the subject will motivate her to extend her wholehearted support. One must be prepared to value her wisdom and never to challenge her in any circumstance. If she says, “You are wrong.” then the entrepreneur must accept that and apologise immediately.”

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