Dragon’s Den – How to present a winning pitch to Sarah Willingham


Sarah Willingham is a British businesswoman known for her expertise in building successful chains of restaurants and for being a Dragon on the BBC business program Dragon’s Den.


Dr Chopra, the Profit Mentor, has turned his visionary spotlight on Sarah Willingham to understand her personality and to suggest how entrepreneurs can best approach her to gain her investment in their business and on making the most of that opportunity over the long term. Dr Chopra has over 40 years experience ofvisionary understanding of people’s personalities and of foreseeing their strategies for success.



Dr Chopra says of Sarah Willingham: “She is a highly intelligent yet straightforward person who is beyond arrogance. She understands the frustrations of the people who, inspite of having talent, are unable to make their mark of commercial success in this complex business world. Her doors are always open for those with genuine commercial frustrations. She is a commercial philanthropist. When she is convinced that a particular entrepreneur is genuine and confident about his or her project then she will even go out of her way to arrange sources of funding for them. She has the rare ability to understand the conceptual depth of a person even through their body language and the tone of their words, so people can’t make a fool of her or take advantage.”


Question 1.

As well as having a great product or service that will provide a healthy financial return to an investor, what else will persuade Sarah Willingham to partner with an entrepreneur?


Dr Chopra’s answer:

Sarah is more focused on those entrepreneurs whose project is also focused to help needy people. She believes in achieving wider societal improvements through commercial means. She believes in uplifting the country’s economy by empowering people to be successful. So the entrepreneur when presenting his or her commercial strategy to Sarah also needs to focus equally on the social progress aspects of their proposal.”


Question 2.

Once the initial partnership deal has been struck, how does the entrepreneur need to deal with Sarah Willingham to make the most of the opportunity?


Dr Chopra’s answer:

When Sarah has accepted to work with you, then ask yourself the question, “What is the societal angle to my project?” Keep both societal and commercial goals parallel and you will have the full commitment of her business acumen. Although she believes in fun-filled relaxation, she does not believe in wasting time and efforts so please be careful that every moment and every ounce of your energy is being invested in the project.”


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