Dr Rakesh offers a wisdom and expertise that any business owner could benefit from, delivered in the most understanding, effective, sympathetic, attentive and clear manner. I notably benefited from Dr Rakesh’ mentoring immediately, and continue to learn new things every time we speak. His depth of knowledge is second-to-none, and his use of anecdotes make otherwise complex scenarios all make sense…
Dominic Tyler-Lovett
Colchester Mind Chair of Trustees
Managing Director, Conclusys Limited – United Kingdom

I have been quite amazed at both Dr Chopra’s business knowledge, but more particularly, his insight. I have little doubt that he has the ability to add value to almost any business.
Bob Woods
Executive Chairman, Mattioli Woods PLC – United Kingdom

Dr Chopra has a magic wand, he just empowers you to work to your fullest potential and stream lines loopholes in our business so efficiently. I have absolute trust and confidence in his mentoring and I am sure that I shall achieve all my target s under his tutelage.

In the process of developing and strategizing my business I met many business coaches and mentors. My gratitude and thanks to each one of them to help me build myself and my company. HOWEVER ONE SUCH PROFIT COACH Dr Rakesh Chopra, Profit Mentor, changed my business thought process outlook and helped me develop new markets and new businesses. Sir kindly accept my heartfelt gratitude and sincere thanks for all the effort you have put in to transform the business. Hoping that a few more could benefit from his immense knowledge positivity and approach.
Sartaj Lamba
Chairperson, AJ Group of Companies, India

“Dr Chopra effortlessly offers organisations something really unique. You probably won’t even notice it at first but, in coming alongside you and your senior team, they will eradicate negative stress and wasteful effort. What you will notice, straight away, is that they can help you to release productive energy and passion across your entire organisation. All this, and more, is achieved in a soft, subtle, non-threatening way that instills confidence!”
John James Dew OBE
Managing Director, Dew Cadre Change Associates Ltd – United Kingdom

Mentoring with Dr. Chopra is very enlightening because he is authentic, wise and very honest. He tells you like it is in a professional way. He has refreshing insights and is not imposing. After the 1st few sessions I started to see clearly how I can add zeroes to my current income. Thank you Dr. Chopra.
Frida A Owinga
CEO & Founder of PassionProfit Limited, Kenya

Dr. Chopra has a phenomenal outlook for profit strategy and recommends ideal steps from scratch to make it a mark to our respective business. He genuinely knows to add zero to our profits and is worth our time.
Mamta Fomra
Designer and Creative Head at brand MAMTA FOMRA, India

Read many books of Swami Vivekananda igniting our mind and life.In taking forward the mission & vision of Swami Vivekananda, Dr Chopra, a medical professional,by virtue of his business expertise and inspirational values, has tremendous power to explore hidden potential within individuals that has capacity to see sky as the limit. I met him in professional discussion here at Linkedin. He improved my focus and instilled inspirational values that has reignited my inner flame and passion for life.
Manoj Trivedi,
Business Mentor, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Dr Rakesh Chopra has been my mentor for the past 9 months through the Cherie Blair Foundation. Our sessions have been via skype and mostly through written skype. Dr Rakesh Chopra has offered me new insights, ideas and innovations into improving my self esteem, my career and the path to doing better business, which ultimately will lead to improved profitability. The mentor journey has been a pleasant experience for which I thank Dr Rakesh Chopra for his patience, encouragement and persistence as I have not been the easiest mentee due to time constraints.
Ali (Humphries) Engelbrecht,
Champion of entrepreneurial women. Vice Principal Academic at Varsity College Pietermaritzburg Campus. South Africa

Your mentoring on adding a zero to our bottom line has given us a structured path to much greater success. We have clarity on what needs to change to achieve that plus the strategies to make those changes and the motivation to do it. You’ve given us the ‘hand-holding’ assurance that will see the plan through its transition period.
Naren Naik
Managing Director, Bankfield Ltd, United Kingdom

Dr. Chopra is an expert at human relations. He understands the mechanics of success and the importance of one’s mental outlook in achieving goals. He is innovative in his approach, but always consistent. I have found his materials and concepts to be highly original — what he has to offer is not found readily in the marketplace elsewhere.

I highly recommend Dr. Chopra to any organization or individual that is looking to increase their measure of success and achieve excellence. Working with him provides a return on investment that cannot be imagined in the beginning, but unfolds over time, producing excellent results.
Sara Toole
Director of New Media at Web.com – USA

Your insights were mind blowing and I will certainly be using some with my clients. I also took note of them for my own Commercial Manager position with HSBC.
Simon Jones
Local Business Manager, HSBC BANK PLC HBEU – United Kingdom

A totally new, down to earth concept, brilliantly rendered.
Ravi Kant
Chairman, Central Board of Direct Taxes – India

I am amazed to see the authority Dr Rakesh Chopra has on the subject. In fact, he lives the concept he shares.
Maj. Gen. D. N. Khurana, AVSM (Retd)
Secretary General, Asian Association of Management Organizations
Former Director General, All India Management Association – India

In the year 2012 I was running my business as a spiritual healer and my main professional was aura scanning. I had a well equipped office having all the facilities and was running smoothly. By chance one of my well known acquaintances expressed his need to invest money in his construction business. I helped him by getting money from my friends and relatives to the tune of 30 million and got heavy losses as he did not repaid back. I could not bear this and felt depressed and suicidal. I kept on crying and talking with a negative attitude. My relations got spoiled with my friends and relatives. I was so depressed that I was focusing to commit suicide. Not even a single penny was in my pocket rather I had a liability more than 30 million with regular addition of interest on the loan. All my friends left me alone, my family was not giving any attention and even my wife told me that she had no feelings to save me.

By chance, in the October 2014 I got the number of Dr Rakesh Chopra and fixed an appointment with him regarding my problem. I was so much convinced that the solution is waiting for me here so why should I finish my life. He told me and supported me on how I can make my business profitable. He gave me the demonstration of exponential growth and helped me define a practical profit strategy as per my professional expertise. I followed his suggestions and now I am out of the problem; my financial crisis is now over. I am having the progress and am moving forward towards the guaranteed success.

If anybody is facing similar problem as mine, please contact Dr Chopra to get right guidance through mentoring and establish your base to multiply your profits.
Dr Jiwan Lal
Aura Specialist and Spiritual Healer at Jiwan Samarpan Samadhan Kendra, India

I met Dr Rakesh Chopra a few years ago when in JK Tyres while we did a workshop on Stress Eradication- “Realize your dream”. What I experienced in his mentorship is an uncanny ability to challenge the abilities of mentees and organizations to get the best out of them and guides them step by step. It was unbelievable till I experienced it. He has strong vision and depth of wisdom built on strong foundations developed by him. he will be an asset to any organization. I recommend him to organizations.
Ram Mohan Bodapati
Human Resource Generalist – Canada

In a career spanning 25 years I have come across some sensational personal development practitioners, business coaches and mentors. Meeting Dr Rakesh Chopra has been a revelation.

There are three reasons in my mind why Rakesh stands right up there with the best of the best.

1) The depth and breadth of his wisdom and experience is astonishing. He moved into the corporate world having had a successful career running a hospital. This is where he noticed the ‘dis-ease’ and ‘dis-comfort’ so many people experienced not just physically but emotionally and intellectually. The business world and the boardrooms he often frequents are better off for this.

2) His ability to ‘tune in’ to individuals and audiences is a wonder to behold. Within seconds he establishes rapport and the lucky recipients of his wise words are immediately and rightly thinking differently and questioning the validity of long held beliefs.

3) He is one of the most centred people I have ever had the good fortune to work with. Everything is effortless and he can diagnose the things you can do to transform your world in seconds. It is always a peaceful and even serene experience. This is just what is required in the stressful world so many people unnecessarily create for themselves.

As Annie his business partner once remarked when we were discussing options “You’ll do well to listen to Rakesh, it’s always the right thing”.  I know that you will find the same when you seek out and spend time with this exceptional man.
Simon Bozeat
Door Opener ★Executive Coach to Talented & Ambitious Pro’s★High-level Facilitator – United Kingdom

Dr. Chopra is a mentor whom anyone and everyone would like to follow. He is someone who is full of enthusiasm and motivation.He is a focussed professional who never loses sight of his end goals and also makes sure that his clients (particularly the start-up founders & organisations) are always aligned to their goal too. He is a doctor, leader, visionary and a mentor molded into one. His sessions have always been an eye opener which not only gave insights into the self, but also brought out areas of improvement through a structured process to improve. His approach to understanding an issue and helping to find ways to approach improvement is very methodical and grounded. He not only helps realize the bigger picture better and but also with a clear understanding on focused deliverable. Dr.Chopra has a natural flair to mentor & coach and I am sure anybody (organisation / person) who wants to improve & excel would immensely benefit his association.
Sougat Chatterjee
Specialist in Sales, Marketing & Operations for FMCG, OTC, Pharma, Healthcare, Retail & Consumer Products business, India

Dr Rakesh Chopra is a man of great skill and integrity with a wonderful blend of corporate and spiritual wisdom. I can recommend him highly.
Jane Noble Knight
Director McEwan Knight & Life Fit, Learning & Development Consultant, Mentor & Best-selling Author – United Kingdom

Dr Rakesh Chopra is a highly motivated and focused person who knows how to influence people and guide them to reach their potential. He is an excellent mentor, and understands the individuals mind and capabilities so as to help one attain his/her goals.

I had the privilege of being associated with him, and greatly value all that I have learnt from him in the professional field.
Jyotsna Fotedar
Founder & CEO “Perfecting skills”& Business Leader (Education Excellence) Global Talent Co.India Ltd, India

With my interactions & meetings with Dr Rakesh Chopra, i find him – a man of substance. He is a flame(soul), which can ignite many other flames(souls).He is focused and dedicated. He is a good mentor & visionary, full of enthusiasm & life. He can help an Individual or Team/Organization to grow & stay motivated and achieve Goals.Wishing Dr Rakesh Chopra, good wishes for all his future endeavors. Keep mentoring, Sir…..
Dr Harpal Singh Malhotra
Experienced Medical Affairs & Clinical Marketing Professional with proficiency in Management, India

I met Dr. Chopra about 6 years back in one of his seminar on the Core Team capability. It was a thought provoking session. As Dr. Chopra by qualification is a physician and I was surprised by the fact that he has left his medical practice and started corporate mentoring to become the Doctor of Mind and emotions.

Dr Rakesh Chopra is a very genuine person. His approach is Authentic and he convincingly challenge the mind limits to push you beyond boundaries. I found in him a rare mentor, coach and motivational guru. His sessions are thought provoking, inspiring and he touched your deepest corner of mind to bring best our of you.
Anirrudha Singh
Group President : Head Human Resources (CHRO) Passionate about people, development and business delivery, India

I was confident after my first Discovery Day with Dr Chopra that I will definitely be adding a zero to my top line by the end of this year at least, if not also to the bottom line.
Kuldip Sharma
Principal Mentor, Suruchi Consultants – India

Working with Dr. Chopra has been a complete privilege . His mentoring works on so many levels that i ended up revealing and realizing possibilities which only a unique visionary like him could have explored out of me.

His preciseness, depth of knowledge, dedication towards you and an amazing fluency over the subject matter is uncanny .When you work with him anything and everything becomes possible. because he knows how to turn a good idea into your amazing reality.
Listening to him comes naturally from within you. Thank You Dr.Chopra
Dr Vedika Sundaram
Diabetologist at Royal Diabetes Clinic

Dr Rakesh Chopra, the Profit Mentor know how we can handle even the most recalcitrant team member so that they fuse with their team.
Indu Wadhwa
Senior Vice President HR, G4S Facility Services India Pvt Ltd – India

Dr. Chopra comes across as thorough professionals. He provide services with great involvement. I appreciate his passion and team spirit. I recommend him as a mentor because I have seen a positive change in my team. Great Collaborators with amazing energy, at par excellence are a few of the traits that make him stand out in a crowd.
Amit Dhawan
Managing Director at G4S FM – India
Formerly COO, Transformation Services, Northgate Public Services – United Kingdom

In an organisation, the application of the concepts will increase the performance of each person and the efficiency as a whole for the company
V K Talwar
Director Personnel, Engineers India Limited – India

Puts forth the complex human psychology in a very simple form to arrive at solutions; very practical and simple to adopt.

P R K Chatrapani
Executive Director, Bharat Dynamics Limited – India

The group sessions have been most relevant and timely for top and middle management. It has been the best blend of behavioural sciences and management development for the enrichment of each individual’s ability to handle difficult and conflicting situations. I feel all executives must attend it, as it will aid their ability to contribute to our expansion.
Niranjan Singh
Director – HR, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited – India

It was a wonderful mentoring session for our Senior Team and the contents have been arranged systematically leading to the culmination of the subject. By practicing the methodology it was possible to easily grasp the subject. I extend my sincere thanks for unknotting a number of points which used to concern us.
V P Sinha
Chairman and Managing Director
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited – India’s Largest Telecommunications Service Provider

Dr Rakesh Chopra understands exactly how to create a high level of compatibility between very diverse people.
Kuldip Sharma
President (Business Development), Navayuga Engineering Company Limited – India